Nicolas Zimmermann Interview for Rosemont Art Advisory

Paris calling for Valentine’s and beyond!

For this privileged occasion we sat down with Nicolas Zimmermann, the Sales Director of La Reserve properties who will take you on a unique journey and will share with you the essence of the wonderful luxury homes away from home with our international readers.

Discover how ART and the passion for design can make a difference in the hospitality world of La Reserve.

The vision of the founder, Michel Reybier demonstrates that luxury isn’t afraid of simplicity and that luxury embraces authenticity, rethinking luxury with La Reserve experience is now just a booking away!

Michel Reybier who’s wish is that “ each of his guests, well known or unknown but always acknowledged, should feel at home while being elsewhere; that they may share in an art of living filled with extreme refinement and delightful moments. The discovery of an exceptional wine, a personalized spa programme an enhanced and longer life, a small kindness, a meaningful gesture… we are a house where people naturally gather, a club one is keen to enter and where spending time is a true pleasure”.

For more information please contact :Nicolas Zimmermann, Sales & Business Development Director
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Discover the Exclusive Interview, for the Rosemont Art Advisory newsletter:

  1. Dear Nicolas, you are the Sales Director at the prestigious Boutique Hotel & Spa founded by Michel Reybier, please tell our readers what makes the property so special and what was the most sophisticated request you have ever received from your guest?
This property is a Gem, by its size, only 40 keys, very intimate private mansion from the 1850’s. Totally refurbished 4 years ago and then awarded best hotel in the world in 2017, this palace has all that a high end Traveller would need with incredible personalized service. Our guests are in love with art, and, after organizing the privatization of an entire exhibition for a client he did asked us to take him to the roof of the Grand Palais to enjoy a truly unique view of Paris: we managed to make his desires come true.

  1. Do you showcase art at your properties? Each house and apartments have heir own personal style and flair, tell us please who is the designer behind your properties and if you had the chance to have dinner with one of the most sought after artists in the contemporary scene, who would it be?
Yes within La Réserve Paris Hotel & Spa you can enjoy the private collection of Michel Reybier, founder and owner of La Réserve Hotels. The designer of this property is Jacques Garcia, and on while creating the hotel, his inspirations were Musée du Louvre and Château de Versailles.

A dream would definitely to have dinner with Isabelle de Saint Lager as she is an artist chosen for the different tables she does and the collection chosen at La Réserve Paris Hotel & Spa is a young, modern and original one that perfectly fits with the classic style of the hotel.