Residence in Monaco

Rosemont can help you to take up residence in Monaco

Monaco Residency in a nutshell

  • Internationally renowned European base for international UHNW individuals and families.
  • Major centre for private banking and financial services.
  • Advantageous fiscal regime for Monaco residents - no tax in Monaco on an individual’s worldwide income, capital gains and no wealth tax.
  • Global centre of luxury goods and superyacht ownership.
  • Stability and security.

  • Nationals of European Economic Area, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland do not need a visa prior to starting the residence card application process.
All other nationals must obtain a French visa before applying for Monaco residence.
  • Due diligence to be supplied to the Monaco authorities in support of the application –
    • Proof of identity and civil status;
    • Evidence of good character and  no criminal record (minor offences excepted);
    • Details of suitable accommodation in Monaco; and
    • Bank certificate.
  • Following an informal interview the resident’s card is issued in 6-8 weeks.

Points of Interest
  • A resident may request an official Certificate (Monaco Certificat de Residence) as evidence of their residence in Monaco.
  • Residents can pursue business activity through Monaco registered companies (sole trader authorisation/SARL/SAM) or Monaco registered holding company (SCP).
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